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  What We Do - Learning Solutions
  Infinite Media is a leader in the design and development of online, classroom, training video, and blended learning programs with a proven and successful track record in delivering a complete range of learning solutions. Infinite Media is a fully integrated learning design and development firm committed to providing dynamic and compelling learning solutions. With over 12 years of learning design and development combined with our in-house technical & production expertise, we consistently provide clients with progressive solutions to maximize the impact of learning initiatives. We pride ourselves in building the most creative, most engaging, and most relevant solutions based on client needs.

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Infinite Media's Rentation Map Process Download Infinite Media's LMS overview in PDF form.

Our 3 guiding principles are:

  1. Strive to understand your brand, values, culture and specific project needs
  2. Excel in learning design, development and implementation aligned to adult learning principles as well as ASTD/CSTD models
  3. Apply consistency in our Retention Mapping Process by leveraging our integrated in-house expertise

Our Learning Methodology - The Retention Mapping Process

Infinite Media takes an integrated approach to Education and Learning. Our in-house expertise, products and services allow us to be extremely agile, flexible, and value driven ensuring all your Education and Learning needs big and small, simple to complex are easily met. Our in-house experts drive consistency, quality, and speed to market. On the diagram you'll see 2 rings which represent our Retention Mapping Process and Methodology and the hexagon represents our services and in-house competencies which collectively allow us to deliver Integrated Learning Solutions.

Infinite Media's Retention Mapping Process

Infinite Media's Rentation Map Process Download Infinite Media's Retention Map Process in PDF form.