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  What We Do - Knowledge Management

Infinite Media specializes in building, deploying, and servicing enterprise knowledge management modules. Our Infinite Knowledge Management Platform (Infinite KM), and associated modules allow our clients to decrease time to market, get closer to their audiences, and position themselves as leaders and innovators. Our integrated solutions have been implemented globally, in multiple languages, enabling our customers to efficiently manage content distribution and increase ROI.


The Infinite KM also incorporates Infinite Presenter – a revolutionary web application for rapid content development and deployment. Server-based content can be enriched with new media elements, as Infinite Presenter allows site administrators to record and post video/audio announcements, and to integrate other assets (Video/Flash/YouTube links/Graphics) with the first stage content already created in PowerPoint.

Using a webcam, Infinite Presenter allows critical messaging to be distributed as dynamic communication pieces – as fast as you can create a PowerPoint slide and record yourself explaining it – providing further context. With Infinite Presenter, rich media content can be developed with ease and distributed rapidly and securely – to the right people at the right time, based on role-based groups designated by the enterprise.

Infinite Presenter offers rapid knowledge deployment in three easy steps:

1. Upload the PowerPoint presentation
2. Add other assets (if desired)
3. Narrate and add video/audio to provide context to slides

Infinite Presenter is the first and only application of its kind. The tool allows management and knowledge administrators to add a personal touch to corporate messaging and knowledge distribution, while at the same time building on and enriching tools already commonly used in our industry. As a part of the Infinite KM application suite, Infinite Presenter adds to the customization of your businesses’ Knowledge Management System, and empowers employees to continue to produce content that can be rapidly deployed to the workforce.

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Additionally, the Infinite KM Platform includes the Infinite LMS – a complete learning management system offering learners the ability to access training anyplace, anytime, and at their own pace. The Infinite LMS role-based learning environment is robust, flexible, and customizable to meet specific client needs, and the technology allows clients to leverage existing eLearning content and maximize return on their training investment. Built-in detailed reporting, analytics, and surveying tools capture the learner experience and provide extensive metrics for business analysis.

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